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Speech technologies have their website at last!

From: Eric Meunier <emeunier@pixelcontact.com>
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001 13:53:10 +0200
Message-ID: <B77B4545.13AFC%emeunier@pixelcontact.com>
Speech technologies have their website! at last...
VoiceForum it¹s : 

A website : http://www.voiceforum.org

A mailing list dedicated to speech recognition, Voicexml, Voice over IP and
voice portals 

A weekly press review offering the news from the voice-web space...

Events and exhibitions in which you can take part beginning in a few

You can subscribe at the adress below :

Speech recognition will soon allow anyone to access internet from any phone.
The revolution in your habits (communicating, consuming, browsing and even
driving) has just begun...

Voice Forum is a new group, for everyone found of voice web, in which you
will be able to exchange information dealing with speech technologies. You
will also be able to receive freely the latest news from the voice web

VoiceForum has quickly drawn professionnals¹ attention interested in voice
web. Today, the community comptent 150 members working in the biggest
companies specialized in vocal technologies. VoiceForum has already got
talked about in La lettre de l¹Internet which devoted it an article entitled
: "VoiceForum fédère les adeptes de la reconnaissance vocale" or VoiceForum
gathers speech recognition followers (in french only).

Make your need of internet vocal orders, through your phones or even in your
own car. More than an interactive widget the voice web space is especially a
way of communication which is about to distress our relation to internet and
even wisely, to interactivity. Allowing to take notes, surf the web, use GPS
as a route map, options are infinite. Companies will also soon use this
technology satisfying their right to be informed. So get ready for this
major change in habits ...

Subscribe to VoiceForum and visit our website :

This Press Release is also available in French!
Feel free to ask me the French Version
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