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Herbal V: An Incredible All-Natural Natural Alternative to Viagra

Herbal V is the All Natural Approach to Male Virility, Vitality
and Pleasure.

Welcome to the New Sexual Revolution.
It's the all natural male potency and pleasure pill that men 
everywhere are buzzing about. Herbal V is safe, natural and
specifically formulated to help support male sexual function
and pleasure. You just take two easy-to-swallow tablets one
hour before sex. And there's more great news- you can get
Herbal V for less than $1 a pill. Amazing word of mouth praise
on Herbal V has been spreading like wildfire- already over
1,500,000 men have chosen Herbal V. Since it is 100% natural
you will never have to worry about safety. Try doctor-recommended
Herbal V today and have the greatest night of your life!

Herbal V... Bringing Back the Magic!

1,585,000 men can't be wrong. To date over 1.5 million men have
tried the super supplement Herbal V. Here is why:

	No Doctor Visit Required 
	Available Over the Counter 
	Not a Drug 
	100% Natural 
	Safe, No Worries 
	Highest Quality Pharmaceutical-Grade Pure Nutriceuticals 
	Guaranteed Potency & Purity 
	Be a Real Man Again!

What is Herbal V?
Herbal V is a proprietary blend that was specifically developed
as a safe alternative for men who prefer an all-natural approach
to address impotence and boost sexual performance. This amazing
formula first became popular with Hollywood insiders and the
wealthy elite. They were maximizing their sex lives, long before
it was available to the general public. 

How does Herbal V work?
Developed by a team whose goal was to create the perfect all-
natural aphrodisiac. Herbal V is the result of that remarkable
effort. The Herbal V formula contains a precise blend of cutting
edge pro-sexual nutrients from around the world that provide
nutritional support, making it possible for a man to have a
pleasurable sexual experience. 

What can Herbal V do for me?
Herbal V helps support male sexual function and pleasure in a
safe and natural manner. Simply put, it can make your sex life

Is Herbal V Safe?
One of the great things about Herbal V is that it is not a drug.
It is an incredible herbal dietary supplement that provides
nutritional support for male sexual function and pleasure. One
of the most comforting features of Herbal V is that you never
have to worry about safety.
Herbal V: Safe ,  Natural , Exciting

Many have speculated that because Herbal V is so popular with men,
it must contain prescription drugs or chemical components. Herbal
V does not contain any elements or traces of any prescription
drug. Herbal V is made using the world's most technologically
advanced state-of-the-art cold processing equipment to ensure
maximum purity. Herbal V has been independently analyzed by the
nation's premier testing facility to ensure purity, quality and
to end the rumors that, because it is so popular, it must somehow
be chemical. It is not. Herbal V is natural - just as it says on
the label. Herbal V is simply fantastic!
Herbal V: Ingredients Yohimbe, saw palmetto, avena sativa,
androstenedione, guarana, taurine, siberian ginseng, tribulus
terrestris. Tribulus Terrestis is certified to enhanced
testosterone levels by increasing Luteinzing hormone (LH) levels.
Androstenedione which is a precursor to testosterone unlocks
bound testosterone and makes it biologically active again quickly. 
This means a dramatic surge in desire. Avena Sativa Stimulates 
the neurotransmitter pleasure centers to maximum capacity. This 
greatly intensifies pleasure.

Just listen to what Herbal V has done for the sex lives of people
like you !

" On a scale of 1 to 10, it's a 15. Electrifying. It's like a
  wonder pill! "
	-Justin Q B., New Haven, Texas

" I haven't had sexual relations in 11 years. Then with Herbal V
  it was... wow! It works again! " 
	-Sid R., Lakeland, Florida

" I had sex four times in one night. It made me feel like a
  19-year-old again. "
	-Chip S, Beech Mountain, North Carolina

" Herbal V has turned my husband into a Sexual Superman! I like
  the fact that it's all natural and has no side effects.
  It's bringing back the good old days. "
	-Jennifer B, Beverly Hills, California 

The above testimonials are from product literature, and we have
not independently verified them. However, the following
testimonial is from a "senior" gentleman who has purchased his
second bottle of Herbal V. When we heard his words with our own
ears, we asked his permission to print them here. 

" Man! I'm wild as I can be! I feel like I'm 25 years old again!
  I'm not believing this! "
	-Mr. Murphy, age 64, Des Moines, IA.
If Herbal V does not give the desired results as stated above,
simply return the unused portion for a double-your money back
refund. No questions asked ! 

Order: Safe, Secure, Private
Herbal V with its DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE is available
only through this special promotional offer. Express handling 
is included with this promotional offer. Herbal V arrives in 
plain packaging for your privacy. 

Each bottle of Herbal V contains 30 tablets, approx. a 1 month

Please make your check or money order payable to 
     'PharmaCom Group'

Step 1: Place a check by your desired quantity.

____ 1 Bottle $29     ____ 2 Bottles $49     ____ 3 Bottles $65

Please add $6 shipping and handling for any size order.
[ Total cost w/s&h, 1 bottle =$35, 2 bottles=$55, 3 bottles=$71 ]

Step 2: Please complete and print the following fields clearly.

Name ____________________________________________________________

Address _________________________________________________________

City ___________________________________State ____________ZIP____

E-mail [ confirmation ] ___________________________@_____________

Signature _______________________________________________________
[ required for check ]

Print & mail to:

     R. Colbert
     BOX 97-0531 
     Coconut Creek, Fl 33097-0531

*** This is a one time mailing: Removal is automatic and no
further contact is necessary. To ensure removal, print the email 
address(es) clearly on one sheet of paper and postal mail directly 
to PharmaCom. You will be reimbursed for postage charges. 
Please Note: Herbal V is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or 
prevent any disease. As individuals differ, so will results. 
Herbal V helps provide herbal and nutritional support for male 
sexual performance. The FDA has not evaluated these statements.
For details about our double your money back guarantee, please write
to the above address, attention consumer affairs department; enclose
a self addressed stamped envelope. You have received this information
either because it was requested by you or someone you know.
International orders please remit orders in $US; international 
orders thirty-five dollars will be added for s&h per order. Thank
You. Viagra is a registered trademark of Pfizer.                                       

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