position statement

Position Statement
As made to w3.sig.org teleconference 24 May 96
and hereby contributed to the minutes of same

OMI is in the electronic commerce business which is to say that
we are in the applied security business.  As with any application
of security, the most important characteristic (other than the
technical details of "does it work?") is integrability.  Note that
I did not say interoperability but integrability.  It is all well
and good to make and sell wonderful things, but the calculus of
pre-existing investment in business processes requires integration
of the security technology into what _is_, now what we wish it 
might be.  In short, we are extending business not re-inventing it.

As such, the critical need we (OMI) in turn need from security
technology is the ability to electronically represent roles.
This is part key management, part delegation model, part limitations
on use and part technological readiness for transnational operation.

What we do not need is an additional standards meeting/group; if
we again produce the situation where "The wonderful thing about
standards is that there are so many to choose from" then we will
either delay electronic commerce beyond the staying power of this
and other nascent companies, or we will hand standardization over
to those who can impose it through economic hegemony.

Dan Geer

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