Review of comprehension of the XKOS best practices document

Dear all,
The XKOS working group is looking for general feedback from the community on the XKOS Best Practices document [1]. This general feedback follows a technical review that has already been conducted. The objective is now to assess whether the document is easy to read and understandable.
Review audience
3 audiences are targeted :

  *   The DDI community
  *   The W3C semantic web community at large
  *   The statisticians and statistical agencies community (typically Eurostats, UN stats, national or regional statistical agencies)
Review timeframe
The review is open for a 3 months period, until the 25 december 2023.
How to submit feedback
The preferred way to submit feedback is through Github issues in the XKOS repository [2]. Feedback can also be provided by email at<>
[1] XKOS Best Practices document :
[2] XKOS Github repository :
Best regards,

XKOS working group

Received on Tuesday, 26 September 2023 04:54:40 UTC