Re: Henry

I'm really sorry for your loss, Gordana.
All the best for you and your children.

Sending warm hugs from Andalusia,


El sáb, 9 sept 2023, 10:39, Gordana <> escribió:

> Dear Web Community,
> I am overwhelmed, both by sadness and by Henry’s greatness expressed in
> all your messages.
> Many of you I know in person since I met Henry 10 years ago and others
> from following the mailing lists - from the shadows of motherhood, trying
> to stay on the ball as the discussions extended to every little bit of our
> daily life, from the breakfast table to the glass of wine infront of the
> fire place. You have been both Henry’s office, constructive discussion
> platform, playground, entertainment as well as extended family.
> Henry and I had the luck that it wasn’t just our 3 beautiful children that
> life was worth living for, but also the hope and determination to make this
> Web a better place. Henry’s mosaic of brilliance is now in front of me,
> scattered and structured in piles of category-theoretical arrows and
> semantic relations. My great hope and wish, but also what I owe my partner
> in life and business, is that we will be able to jointly pick up the pieces
> and re-construct the Web we’ve al be wanting.
> I’ve talked to Sarven and I will be joining one of the upcoming Solid
> Calls after the funeral next Friday (15th, September in
> Garmisch-Partenkirchen).
> If it wasn’t for all of you, Henry would have never had this unique
> exchange that led him to all his “funny” ideas.
> So much for now.
> With a broken heart filled with love,
> Gordana

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