Postdoc/PhD positions on federated analytics and learning on knowledge graphs

The Data, Knowledge and Web (DKW) group of Aalborg University (Denmark) 
invites applications for open postdoctoral/PhD student positions in 
Federated Analytics and Learning for neurodegenerative diseases.

  * Location: Aalborg, Denmark
  * Application Deadline: October 1st 2023
  * Starting Date: December 2023 or shortly thereafter
  * Contract Duration: 1 initial year for postdocs (to be renewed upon 
mutual agreement); 3 years for PhD students.
  * Yearly Salary: Approximately DKK 450.000 (ca. EUR 60.000) for 
postdocs; DKK 320.000 (ca. EUR 43.000) for PhD students

# Research Topic

The work will be carried out within a upcoming European project to build 
a robust, interoperable, trustworthy, and secure framework that 
integrates multimodal health data (including genetic data) while 
ensuring compliance with cross-national privacy-preserving policies.

Specifically, the research will work towards enabling advanced federated 
analytics and learning workflow to identify new risk factors and 
treatment responses for neurodegenerative diseases.

Methods will be developed in parallel, focusing first on ALS using 
multicenter data encompassing Whole Genome Sequencing.

The research will include:

- Knowledge graph and semantic web
- Federated data analytics and learning
- Polystore systems
- Virtual knowledge graphs for multimodal data

The researcher will be tasked to:

- Design and deploy methods to enable individual clients to evaluate 
semantic queries to retrieve data and train models in a federated 
environment while keeping the data of each data source decentralized.
- Develop query execution engines and optimizers for multimodal data 
stored in heterogeneous databases and knowledge graphs.

The objective is to implement a federated learning infrastructure that 
enables data- and model-centric federated learning while ensuring the 
privacy and security of the data and models.

For further information, contact Daniele Dell'Aglio <> and 
Matteo Lissandrini <>

# Information about the positions

We offer:

- An exciting opportunity to contribute to cutting-edge research 
projects and collaborate with renowned experts both in Denmark and Europe.
- Possibility to have an impact on important societal themes related to 
advanced precision medicine.
- Thrilling research challenges. DKW has a successful track record in 
top-tier conferences and journals of data management, machine learning, 
and semantic web.
- A supportive environment. DKW members help each other to achieve their 
goals and enjoy spending time together.
- A diverse and inclusive research group. DWK includes more than 20 
researchers from 10 different countries. We value diversity, inclusion 
and gender balance, and we aim to promote equal career opportunities for 
- Support for the development of the professional career and network of 
our group members.
- Assistance to find accommodation. More info at: 
- Free coffee and tea

We require:

- A MSc (for PhD students) or a PhD (for postdocs) in computer science 
or a related discipline.
- Experience in knowledge graphs, semantic web, and/or machine learning.
- Curiosity and passion for learning.
- Provable fluency in at least one programming language, e.g., Python/R, 
Java, C++, Rust.

# Application Process

To apply, send an e-mail to Daniele Dell'Aglio <> with the 
following documents:

For the **Postdoc** positions, attach:
- a one-page motivation letter;
- your curriculum vitae, including the list of your publications;
- a list of at least three references;
- your PhD thesis (if available).

For the **PhD** positions, attach:
- a one-page motivation letter;
- your curriculum vitae, including the list of your publications (if 
- all grade transcripts;
- a list of at least two references;
- your MSc thesis (if available).

# About Aalborg University

Aalborg University is a young university with almost 40 years of 
history. Since its establishment in 1974, AAU has been characterised by 
a problem-based and project-oriented teaching method (PBL) – also called 
the Aalborg Model, and by extensive collaboration with the surrounding 
society. Despite the fact that AAU is a fairly young university, it is 
already ranking amongst the best and most acknowledged international 
universities in the world. Aalborg is a vibrant city by the water and 
has its own airport. Denmark is among the highest ranked for the quality 
of life and society, see for example 

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