RE: Does rdfs:superClassOf (or equivalent) exist?


The current RDFS spec does not mention superClassOf.  Only subClassOf is defined.


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Subject: Does rdfs:superClassOf (or equivalent) exist?

We have rdfs:subClassOf defined in a standardised specification (RDFS).
RDFS several times mentions 'superclass', but AFAIK there is no property or relation to make this explicit, i.e.

:A rdfs:subClassOf :B . # exists
:B rdfs:superClassOf :A . # does this exist anywhere?

I can intuit why subclass relations are the most common and preferred methods of use - because anyone can extend the superclass from anywhere. 
And that either assertion can be inferred from the other (sub to super, vice-versa), but I also think having the superclass be 'aware' of subclasses is a good practice in maintaining ontologies e.g. to get a list of all subclasses which would normally require a query each time.

(Likewise for rdfs:subPropertyOf and rdfs:superPropertyOf)

Apologies in advance if this has already been answered somewhere (I would appreciate it if you point me to it).

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