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Hi Melvin

I was actually thinking of the brouhaha over http-range-14, which was the direct result of a fuandamental confusion between the ideas of a universal network locator and a universal semantic identifier. The Web had the former in the form of URIs (or IRIs) and the semantic web needed the latter, but it had to use the former. So IRIs were forced to be used in two fundamentally different ways in RDF, and this confusion is now coming back to bite us for the second time.

So, in terms of your question: all of the above, and more.


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... using URLs for identifiers was a pretty odd thing to do in the first place, mixing two separate concerns (semantic identity and network protocols).

Yes, indeed it was.

Do you mean:

- mandating URLs as predicates
- mandating URLs as types
- creating a syntax to add URLs to data (e.g. like in <turtle>)

Or all of the above.

This was all before my time, so would love to hear more about the design decisions.

Pat Hayes

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