Missing the basic point in discussions about artificial intelligence in general

I sense that in all current discussions about artificial intelligence and its many implementations and the obvious mishaps and hype around ChatGPT and also AI assisted search we are missing an essential point.
The European Union has appointed a high level expert group (HLEG) to advise on artificial intelligence issues.
The AI definition is given in:https://ec.europa.eu/futurium/en/system/files/ged/ai_hleg_definition_of_ai_18_december_1.pdf

In addition all work related to AI in the European Union of this HLEG can be found on:https://digital-strategy.ec.europa.eu/en/policies/expert-group-ai
There are two main issues being overlooked, one being a theory of intelligence where cognition, perception, theory of mind, mind-body theory, consciousness AND EDUCATION are defined by cognitive scientists, philosophers and psychologists.
The other is the nuts and bolts issues of how multiple sensory inputs together contribute to learning.
And it also seems very illogical to have large language models learn in a self-supervised/unsupervised fashion with or without toolkits/tools, when humans need to learn in an assisted/supervised fashion in school and higher education.
No wonder ChatGPT goes off the bend.
Since most industry specific applications we would like to endow with some form of reasoning and learning capabilities which we rush to label as artificial intelligence, it would make more sense to instead of speaking of artificial (general) intelligence or A(G)I to talk of assistive (general) intelligence which implies either a centaur approach or a supervised intelligence, and much like we learn in school or higher education teach the intelligence by specific courses (datasets), which would eliminate using enormous datasets to train, and would also greatly reduce bias issues.

It is ironic that the poor state of (higher) education in the USA seems to mirror itself in the poor state of learning implemented in artificial intelligence in the USA.


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Received on Sunday, 19 February 2023 14:57:30 UTC