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Has anyone tried using LLMs such as GPT-3 to find out if text is human- or machine-generated?
Can’t you just give it the text and ask it?
And with Spam and Phishing too, of course.
With effective detection technology, the generation becomes much less valuable.
I assume people have, so I am wondering if people here know the outcomes.

The only thing I have used OpenAI for is very close - to categorise documents in archives, and do other knowledge extraction on them, such as authors, subject topics, places and dates.

Waaay back in time, when comparison websites started up, I thought that maybe people would get their personal assistants using knowledge technologies, that would actually compete with each other on how good they were.
Of course, you would have had to pay for the PA, and the more you paid the better your PA, I guessed.
I was wrong, I suppose because at scale, revenue from advertising will always out-buy what users are willing to pay in subscriptions.

But would people (and many agencies) be willing to pay for the services of a system that reliably told them when they were getting particular types of documents, and even what was accurate and inaccurate about them?

It could fund a really useful arms race between AI document creation and reception technology.

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> Nice post!  I agree with the potential usefulness (and limitations) that you observe.  But I cannot shake my overriding concern that AI like ChatGPT will be abused as a spammer's or parasitic website owner's dream, to flood the web with 1000x more plausible-sounding-but-misleading-or-wrong crap than it already has, thus making it even more difficult to find the nuggets of reliable information.  AI is a major force multiplier.  As with any other force multiplier, it can be used for good or bad.
> I personally think we need legislation against AI catfishing, i.e., AI *pretending* to be human.
> - AI-generated content should be clearly labeled as such.
> - Bots should be clearly labeled as such.
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