ChatGPT and ontologies

There's already been some discussion here on ChatGPT and the extent to
which it can, or can't, do things like generate sparql queries and the
like; and people may be getting bored of the ChatGPT hype. However, in
case of interest, here's some notes on some lightweight playing with it
as an aid in writing simple ontologies:

tl;dr You can generate simple, superficial examples with it but it's of 
limited use for practical work atm, though tantalising close to being 
useful. Certainly don't trust it to do any inference for you 
(unsurprising). OTOH getting it to critique a trivial ontology (that it 
generated) for coverage of a domain was much better - so as an aid to 
generating checklists of features of a domain to consider during 
modelling it _might_ be of more use, even as it stands.


Received on Thursday, 9 February 2023 11:43:19 UTC