[job] PhD Researcher and Java/Kotlin/Neo4J Software Engineer in Hannover, Germany

Dear all,

In the context of the Open Research Knowledge Graph (https://www.orkg.org<https://www.orkg.org/>) and the German Research Data Initiative NFDI we have two job openings at TIB - Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology (https://tib.eu<https://tib.eu/>) and L3S Research Center (http://l3s.de<http://l3s.de/>) in Hannover, Germany for a

·       Research Associate/PhD Candidate "Computer Science: Natural Language Processing & Semantic Web Technologies": https://tib.eu/stellenangebot-31-2022-eng

·       Research Software Engineer Kotlin/Java/Neo4J development for the Open Research Knowledge Graph: https://tib.eu/stellenangebot-28-2022-eng

With the Open Research Knowledge Graph (ORKG) we are aiming to address one of the biggest challenges of research and innovation - the better organization of research findings in a knowledge graph tightly intertwining human and machine intelligence.

Best regards,

Sören Auer

Prof. Dr. Sören Auer

ERC Consolidator Project ScienceGRAPH: https://projects.tib.eu/orkg/

TIB Leibniz Information Centre Science & Technology- https://tib.eu/auer
L3S Research Center - http://www.l3s.de<http://www.l3s.de/>
University of Hannover, Computer Science https://www.ivs.uni-hannover.de<https://www.ivs.uni-hannover.de/>

Skype: soerenauer, Mobile +4915784988949


Received on Monday, 23 May 2022 10:58:33 UTC