[CfP] SWIB22 online - 14th Semantic Web in Libraries conference, 28.12. - 2.12.2022

28 November - 02 December 2022, online

Call for Proposals

SWIB conference (Semantic Web in Libraries) is an annual conference,
being held for the 14th time.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we cannot be sure that by November
travelling and meeting face-to-face will be possible for everybody in
the community. Therefore, we have decided to hold SWIB22 online for the
third time. This will offer everybody an opportunity to easily
participate from all over the world.

Taking into account the different time zones of the participants, we
plan to carry out the conference during the week of 28 November - 02
December, daily from UTC 14:00 to 16:30.

SWIB focuses on Linked Open Data (LOD) in libraries and related
organizations. It is well established as an event where IT staff,
developers, librarians, and researchers from all over the world meet and
mingle and learn from each other. The topics of talks and workshops at
SWIB revolve around opening data, linking data and creating tools and
software for LOD production scenarios. These areas of focus are
supplemented by presentations of research projects in applied sciences,
industry applications, and LOD activities in other areas.

As usual, SWIB22 will be organized by ZBW - LEIBNIZ INFORMATION CENTRE
(HBZ). The conference language is English.

For this SWIB rendition we adjusted the formats to the online

-   Presentations (20 minutes plus 5 q&a)
-   Practical workshops or tutorials (maximum 150 min, including
    breaks), introductory tutorials are very welcome

We appreciate proposals on the following or related topics:

Projects & Applications

-   integration of LOD into productive library applications
-   re-use of LOD (from libraries, Wikidata and other sources)
-   presenting & visualizing LOD
-   end-user environments for interaction with LOD (e.g. editing or
-   crowdsourcing/gamification approaches involving LOD sources
-   applications for open science

Technology (focus on Open Source software)

-   data
-   data flow management
-   RDF validation
-   read/write linked data
-   providing updates & syncing data sources
-   machine learning for automatic indexing & named entity recognition
-   integration of symbolic and subsymbolic approaches

Standards & Best Practices

-   implementation of FAIR data principles
-   open web standards relevant for libraries
-   application profiles & provenance information
-   working with authorities & knowledge organization systems
-   usable APIs
-   preservation, maintenance & sustainability


-   collaboration, community building and empowerment
-   consolidating open source projects
-   awareness of Western bias, decolonialization

We are looking forward to receiving your proposals for presentations or
workshops by 27 JUNE 2022. Please submit an abstract of 1000-1500
characters using our conference system https://www.conftool.org/swib22.
If you intend to present a specific software solution please include
links to the source code repository and make sure it is openly licensed.

SWIB programme committee

Proposals will be reviewed by the programme committee:

-   Julia Beck (Frankfurt University Library)
-   Uldis Bojars (National Library of Latvia)
-   Nuno Freire (Europeana Foundation, Netherlands)
-   Anna Kasprzik (ZBW, Germany)
-   Huda Khan (Cornell University Library, USA)
-   Niklas Lindström (National Library of Sweden)
-   Devika Madalli (Indian Statistical Institute)
-   Joachim Neubert (ZBW, Germany - Chair)
-   Adrian Pohl (hbz, Germany - Chair)
-   Dorothea Salo (UW-Madison, USA)
-   Jodi Schneider (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA)
-   MJ Suhonos (Ryerson University, Canada)
-   Osma Suominen (National Library of Finland)
-   Katherine Thornton (Yale University Library, USA)
-   Jakob Voß (GBV Common Library Network, Germany)

Call for satellite events

If you are interested in using the online conference infrastructure for
a satellite event before or after the conference slot, let us know.

WEBSITE: http://swib.org/swib22 HASHTAG: #swib22 TWITTER: @swibcon

Take a look at previous SWIB conferences at

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions:

Adrian Pohl hbz Tel. +49-(0)221-40075235 E-mail: swib(at)hbz-nrw.de


Joachim Neubert ZBW Tel. +49-(0)40-42834462 E-mail: j.neubert(at)zbw.eu

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