Re: Semantics-enhanced Software Extensibility

On 6/5/22 22:18, Adam Sobieski wrote:
> Hello. I would like to share some recent ideas and results from 
> the/Nifty /project ( 
> <> , 
> <>).
> The project is exploring n-ary, URI-based semantics, e.g., n-ary SPARQL, 
> and exploring semantics-enhanced software messages and events.

Your mention of n-ary relations and queries caught my attention.  The 
github page describes this as "a Turtle-based syntax", but 
the example given doesn't look like Turtle:

   @prefix foaf: <>.
   foaf:knows(_:alice, _:bob).
   foaf:knows(_:bob, _:alice).

And this example is also described as being "a SPARQL-based syntax", but 
it doesn't look to me like SPARQL:

   PREFIX foaf: <>
   SELECT ?name ?mbox
       foaf:name(?x, ?name).
       foaf:mbox(?x, ?mbox).

Can you clarify?  Are you defining extensions of the Turtle and SPARQL 
syntaxes?  And if so, are these extensions only intended to address 
n-ary relations, or are you also adding more extensions for other 

I noticed mention of "formulas", which immediately made me think of n3. 
  How do your formulas differ from n3 formulas?

I also noticed mention of both "pull- and push-based querying".  How 
does that differ from forward and backward chaining?

David Booth

> A recent idea is that of semantics-enhanced software extensibility. 
> Software add-ons, plug-ins, and extensions – which might reside in JAR’s 
> or DLL’s in applications’ “Plugins” folders – can utilize semantic 
> metadata to describe their functionalities and the types of 
> semantics-enhanced messages and events that they produce and consume. In 
> this way, system initialization algorithms can load and then 
> automatically interconnect them. That is, add-ons, plug-ins, and 
> extensions can provide semantic metadata for reasons including enabling 
> system initialization algorithms to automatically interconnect them as 
> producers and consumers of semantics-enhanced software messages and events.
> Thank you. I hope that these uses of Semantic Web technologies are of 
> some interest to the group.
> Best regards,
> Adam Sobieski

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