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ANN: VocBench 10.1 released

From: Armando Stellato <stellato@uniroma2.it>
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2021 11:12:01 +0000
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Dear all

*** apologies for cross-posting ***

Version 10.1 of VocBench has been released today, and is available here: http://vocbench.uniroma2.it/downloads/

This is a cumulative release including all new features introduced for version 10.0, which has never been released to the community and went some more thorough testing that led, eventually, to a quick new 10.1 update.

Stay tuned for another communication, following this one, introducing the ShowVoc web application: the VocBench companion for publication and browsing of Semantic Web resources!

Release Notes

VocBench Web App

# 10.1.0 (21-09-2021)

  * ontolex: in the resource view, it is now possible to select concepts as targets of lexical senses and not

    references only

  * ontolex: in the resource view, when deleting a (plain) lexicalization/conceptualization, the corresponding

    sense bound to the edited concept/lexical entry is deleted as well

  * Enabled multi-selection (ctrl+click) of languages in Project-User settings manager

  * Minor bugfixes and improvements

# 10.0.0 (02-08-2021)

  * Implemented an history-based "time machine" feature, allowing for the recreation of the state

    of any resource (up to two hops of context in the graph) at any time in history

  * Implemented support for "undo" on any data operation (ctrl/cmd+Z)

  * Added possibility to require email verification in the registration procedure

  * Enabled project rendering through multilingual labels

  * Improved the management of the unicity of preferred labels for concepts in the same scheme

  * Added a wizard for creating CustomForm

  * Improvements to Sheet2RDF:

    * Enabled triples deletion

    * Improved management of memoization

  * Implemented a new ICV: OWL concistency violations

  * Implemented SHACL batch validation

  * Adopted the new Settings services

  * Implemented support for EU-Login

  * Added flags for Scottish Gaelic and Welsh languages

  * Added german l10n

  * Fixed autocompletion and prefixes resolution in SPARQL editor

SemanticTurkey RDF Server

version 10.1

date: 21/09/2021

  * when deleting a (plain) conceptualization/lexicalization, its reification through a sense is deleted as well

  * removed deprecated configuration settings for SHACL

  * generalized the support for EU-Login to SAML

  * fixed bug related to some SHACL configuration settings (e.g. validationEnabled) that were actually ignored

  * updated German localization

  * fixed the issues due to case-sensitive user email address comparisons

  * fixed a bug when searching in skosxl:Label

  * changed the renderer in SKOSXL to show directly also skosxl:Label label

  * fixed a bug in the ICV listConceptsRelatedDisjoint

  * fixed ClassCastException in SKOS removeNote

  * fixed illegal base URI when adding an import from file without providing an explicit base URI

  * added missing resource lifecycle annotations in some services

  * update dependency on Sheet2RDF 4.2.1

version 10.0

date: 02/08/2021

  * added two transformers, one from EDOAL to flat formats (OWL and SKOS alignment properties) and one from flat formats to EDOAL

  * added documentation generators

  * implemented a content storage service

  * allowed references to files in the content storage in reports (which are returned as zip archives)

  * allowed invocation of ordinary services in custom reports

  * allowed to index specific sections in the Mustache templates used for the rendering of invokable reporters

  * renamed the service compileAndDownloadReport to compileAndExportReport, while allowing to indicate an optional deployer

  * introduced the Time Machine, allowing for the recreation of the state of any resource (up to two hops of context in the graph) at any time in history

  * added support for undo

  * added the possibility in the advancedSearch to not pass the predicate in predicate-object constraints, where the object can be text-searched

  * allowed to disable validation on commit in projects with SHACL validation enabled

  * introduced batch SHACL validation of a repository producing a validation report

  * replaced the connector to the EU Open Data Portal (being dismissed) with a connector to the new data.europa.eu portal

  * added configuration parameters for SHACL

  * added inconsistency report

  * added file from http://prefix.cc/ containing most used prefix-namespace to resolve most used namespaces

  * added the Spreadsheet lifter to load data from a spreadsheet

  * update core settings to the new settings management framework (including the use of YAML to persist them)

  * upgrade the PUSettings of the RenderingEngine extension point to the new framework (including the use of YAML to persist them)

  * implemented resource view custom sections and enabled the customization of the resource view associated with a role

  * implemented the support for Java enums in STProperties

  * implemented labels support for project rendering

  * implemented support for email verification during the user registration procedure

  * allowed administrator to activate a new registered user through a link sent via email

  * allowed administrator to enable remote provisioning of CODA components

  * in Sheet2RDF extended support for triples deletion

  * implemented support for EU-Login

 * added Scottish Gaelic and Welsh to the system languages

  * turned OperationOnResourceDeniedException into a RuntimeException as it may be thrown from an interceptor

  * made the configuration of rendering engines more user friendly (i.e. renaming ${languages} to ${userLangs} and ${show} to ${labels})

  * enabled events on settings managers

  * replaced references to "PMKI" with the new name "ShowVoc"

  * fixed bug related to matching linkset targets to datasets registered in the metadata registry

  * updated dependency on Coda 1.7.2

  * updated dependency on Sheet2RDF 4.2.0

  * updated dependency on MAPLE 0.0.8

  * updated dependency on Lime 0.4.2

Migration from a previous version of the system

As usual, for people migrating from a previous version of VocBench 3, it suffices to:

  *   keep the "SemanticTurkeyData" directory (you might want to make a backup just in case anything happens, even though the system has been extensively tested for migration)
     *   consider that some migration routines will make the data directory not entirely compatible with prior versions of VocBench
  *   remove the previous distribution (directory semanticturkey-x.y) and replace it with the new one inside the vocbench3-10.1.0-full.zip archive
  *   if using an external triple store:
     *   replace the old st-changetracking-sail-x.y.jar file located in the lib directory of the triple store with the new one: st-changetracking-sail-10.1.jar, that can be extracted from:
     *   replace the old st-trivial-inference-sail-x.y.jar file located in the lib directory of the triple store with the new one: st-trivial-inference-sail-10.1.jar, that can be extracted from:

For developers willing to recompile the project:

all of the dependencies of VocBench based on other software written by us:

  *   semantic-turkey (10.1):        http://semanticturkey.uniroma2.it/        https://bitbucket.org/art-uniroma2/semantic-turkey
  *   coda (1.7.2):            http://art.uniroma2.it/coda/            https://bitbucket.org/art-uniroma2/coda
  *   lime-api (0.4.2):        http://art.uniroma2.it/lime/            https://bitbucket.org/art-uniroma2/lime-api
  *   sheet2rdf (4.2.1):    http://art.uniroma2.it/sheet2rdf/    https://bitbucket.org/art-uniroma2/sheet2rdf
  *   maple (0.0.8):    http://art.uniroma2.it/maple/    https://bitbucket.org/art-uniroma2/maple

have already been committed to Maven Central, so they may choose what to re-build and what to take as-is from the dependencies


The VocBench team
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