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Postdoc position : knowledge representation IRIT - Airbus

From: Cassia TROJAHN <Cassia.Trojahn@irit.fr>
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2021 09:18:46 +0200
Cc: "Nathalie Hernandez" <Nathalie.Hernandez@irit.fr>
To: "Cassia TROJAHN" <Cassia.Trojahn@irit.fr>
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Dear all, 
We are recruiting at the Institute of Research in Informatics of Toulouse (IRIT, France) a post-doc in the context of a collaboration with Airbus (see details below).
Best regards,
Nathalie Hernandez  and Cassia Trojahn

*Context: Collaboration between IRIT and Airbus on the Digital Design, 
Manufacturing and Services Transformation project*

Digital Design, Manufacturing and Services (DDMS) is the project that 
aims at transforming Airbus methods, processes and tools with the 
objectif of improving the strategic axes of the company: from the 
ability to develop a new product more quickly to its reduction of the 
ecological footprint. The issues of knowledge representation and sharing 
are at the heart of the capacities to be implemented in order to succeed 
in this development. In DDMS, the Modeling & Simulation department is 
therefore working to have the necessary foundations, in terms of methods 
and tools, for the knowledge representation and sharing, in relation 
with other Airbus entities in order to implement an industrial solution.


As part of the development of DDMS capabilities in 2021, the tasks that 
are to be taken into account are the following :

  *       to align different domain ontologies
  *       to implement a domain ontology validation mechanism,
    particularly through the useof shape constraints (SHACL)
  *      to enable the semantic integration of data (development of an
    Ontology Based Data Access service).

For each task, the expected activities are:

  *          the application of knowledge representation to solve the
    problems of a pilot business application use case in the Airbus
  *          the synthesis of a methodological approach and an
    architectural solution based on this case
  *          a generalized framework to respond to this problem in other
    areas by applying the methodological principles acquired and
    synthesized previously.

The proposed pilot case is Flight Dynamics and Sizing, which is 
responsible, in conjunction with pre-projects and industrialization, for 
sizing the aircraft according to loads, mass, aerodynamic forces, flight 
controls in particular.

It is expected to continue on themes such as:

  *      Automatic publication of ontology documentation
  *      Managing the criticality of data in ontologies
  *      Reasoning in the service of extending data sets and checking
    the consistency of information
  *      Semantic search in data Searching for ontologies in catalogs
    (notably using dcat)

*Requirements for this position*

Applicants are required to have a PhD in Computer Science, a strong 
background in semantic web technologies, ontology engineering, linked 
data management and query, and if possible, in ontology alignment. 
Fluency in written / spoken English is required too. A good publication 
record and strong programing skills will be a plus.

*Work environment*

Localization : Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse (IRIT) 
– Universite Toulouse - Jean Jaures / Maison de la Recherche, 5, 
allees Antonio Machado 31058 Toulouse, and Airbus (St Martin du Touch).

*Duration* : 9 months, starting in january 2022 - probability of renewal 
9 to 12 months. Salary between 2 663 to 3953 (depending on experience).

*How to apply*

Applications will be accepted until the position is closed. Applicants 
should send a full Curriculum including a complete list of publications, 
a cover letter indicating their research interests, achievements to date 
and vision for the future, as well as either support letters or the name 
of 2 persons that have worked with them. Contact: Nathalie Hernandez 
<nathalie.hernandez@irit.fr> and Cassia Trojahn <cassia.trojahn@irit.fr>

*Full description: https://bit.ly/2Ysp6zk*
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