DBpedia Tutorial @ LSWT on July 8

Dear all,

We are proud to announce that we will organize a tutorial at the Leipzig 
Semantic Web Day (LSWT) on July 8, 2021 at 1pm CEST. The tutorial 
targets existing and potential new users of DBpedia, developers that 
wish to learn how to replicate DBpedia infrastructure, service providers 
interested in exploiting the DBpedia Knowledge Graph (KG) and data 
providers interested in integrating data assets with the DBpedia KG as 
well as data scientists (e.g. linguists) focused on extracting relevant 
information (e.g. linguistic) from/based on the DBpedia KG.

# Highlights

During the course of the tutorial the participants will gain knowledge 

- the complete DBpedia Knowledge Graph lifecycle, i.e. from extraction 
and modelling to publishing and maintenance of DBpedia,

- how to find information, access, query and work with the DBpedia KG,

- the DBpedia infrastructure - the Databus platform and services 
(Spotlight, Archivo, etc),

- how to replicate the DBpedia KG and infrastructure,

- how to use DBpedia in third-party applications and

- how to contribute and improve the DBpedia KG.

# Quick Facts

- Web URL: https://lswt2021.aksw.org/en/ <https://lswt2021.aksw.org/en/>

- When: July 8, 2021 at 1.00-4.00pm CEST

- Where: The tutorial will be organized online.

# Tickets

- You need to be registered to join the tutorial. Get your ticket here: 
https://pretix.eu/infai/lswt2021/ <https://pretix.eu/infai/lswt2021/>

# Organisation

- Jan Forberg, InfAI, DBpedia

- Marvin Hofer, InfAI, DBpedia

- Denis Streitmatter, InfAI, DBpedia

- Fabian Götz, InfAI, DBpedia

- Julia Holze, InfAI, DBpedia

- Sebastian Hellmann, InfAI, DBpedia

We are looking forward to meeting you online!

Kind regards,


on behalf of the DBpedia Association

DBpedia Association
Institute for Applied Informatics e.V. (InfAI) at Leipzig University
Goerdelerring 9, 04109 Leipzig

Received on Friday, 25 June 2021 10:42:48 UTC