Working with calendars in Community Solid Server

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Have you ever struggled finding a date and time for a meeting that works for everyone? Well, now you can use the Community Solid Server to take control over your calendars and avoid wasting time on scheduling meetings! Learn how via our blog post at

Calendars are probably one of things that we cannot do without, whether it is for scheduling our work meetings, planning our holidays, or keeping track of all our weekend activities. But scheduling a meeting with someone else can be quite the hassle. You can send an email or message, but that does not work with multiple people. You can create a Doodle, that half of the people fill in too late or not at all. Or you can check their shared work calendar and send an invitation for a meeting on a free moment. Only to get a decline in return, because they have a personal appointment that is not in the shared calendar.

In our blog post [1] we describe how you can avoid wasting your time like that, by showing how you can define different types of calendars based on your existing calendars and share them with others. For this, we use the Community Solid Server [2] and our Solid Calendar Store [3].




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Received on Monday, 23 August 2021 18:02:10 UTC