[ANN] Apache Jena 4.0.0

The Apache Jena development community is pleased to
announce the release of Apache Jena 4.0.0

In this release:

* Requirement for Java11 runtime.

* RDF-star implementation up-to-date with community work.

* IRIx abstraction
   See notes about future changes.

* Add support for scripting languages other than JavaScript
   JENA-1951 - Pavel Mikhailovskii

* Upgrade to Apache Lucene 8.8.0
   See notes.

* Retire modules jena-sdb, jena-text-es, and jena-elephas

62 tickets this release:

==== Notes


This is a major version number upgrade.



There is a new internal API for working with different IRI implementations.

The implementation in Jena 4.0.0 is the same as Jena3 jena-iri.

There a some areas to be aware of for future changes:

+ %ZZ (%-and non-hex digits) are illegal syntax in IRIs.
   It has never been legal in the RFCs but could be read in.

+ urn: The correct form of a URN, by the RFC definition, is
   urn:NID:NSS where NID is at least two characters and NSS is at least
   one character.

   <urn:x:abcd> is illegal as is <urn:abc:>
   These are not rejected by Jena 4.0.0 but be warned!

If you have custom URIs schemes, please ensure they match the syntax of 
RFC 3986/3987.

== Obtaining Apache Jena 4.0.0

* Via central.maven.org

The main jars and their dependencies can used with:


Full details of all maven artifacts are described at:


* As binary downloads

Apache Jena libraries are available as a binary distribution of
libraries. For details of a global mirror copy of Jena binaries please see:


* Source code for the release

The signed source code of this release is available at:


and the signed master source for all Apache Jena releases is available
at: http://archive.apache.org/dist/jena/

== Contributing

If you would like to help out, a good place to look is the list of
unresolved JIRA at:


or review pull requests at


or drop into the dev@ list.

We use github pull requests and other ways for accepting code:

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