Re: Semantifying RDF graphs

Dear Antoine,

That's a great service. I would even go as far as saying that this is the last 
building block that the community was lacking to achieve infinite knowledge!

I have canceled all my lectures and meetings today to make time to convert all 
my RDF graphs into RDF graphs.

I am already looking forward to querying the resulting RDF graphs using SPARQL 
queries based on your great rdfgraph ontology. That will be even better than 
using the reification vocabulary!

There is only one thing that seems broken: Speaking of infinite knowledge, I 
was trying to pipe the output of your service as input back into the 
service---essentially trying to use your service as an RDF2RDF2RDF converter. 
That didn't work. Perhaps I am doing something wrong with the accept headers.


On torsdag 1 april 2021 kl. 10:02:41 CEST Antoine Zimmermann wrote:
> Dear SemWebbers,
> It is "2021-04-01T10:02:42.42+02:00"^^xsd:dateTime and it's sunny
> outside, so it is a good time to submit to you my progress on
> semantifying RDF graphs.
> RDF graphs are syntax. We want to produce *knowledge* graphs from them.
> I set up a tool that semantify RDF graphs: the RDF2RDF converter!
> See an example here:
> esource%2F%C3%89cole_nationale_sup%C3%A9rieure_des_Mines_de_Saint-%C3%89tien
> ne
> It is using the rdfgraph ontology
> ( to describe RDF
> graphs in RDF.
> You can use the result of the conversion as input, giving a more meta
> flavour to it.
> Enjoy!

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