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ANN: VocBench 3 v8.0.1 released

From: Armando Stellato <stellato@uniroma2.it>
Date: Fri, 9 Oct 2020 17:03:46 +0000
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Dear all

*** apologies for cross-posting ***

Version 8.0.1 (a bug fix and functional/performance improvement release) of VocBench has been released, and is available here: http://vocbench.uniroma2.it/downloads/


For those new to VocBench...some more background

VocBench is a web-based, multilingual, collaborative development platform for managing OWL ontologies, SKOS(XL) thesauri, OntoLex lexicons and generic RDF datasets.

Designed to meet the needs of semantic web and linked data environments, VocBench development has also been driven by the feedback gathered from a community of users made of public organizations, companies and independent users looking for open source solutions for maintaining their ontologies, thesauri, code lists, authority resources and lexicons.

Funded by the European Commission <http://ec.europa.eu/> ISAČ programme<http://ec.europa.eu/isa/isa2/>, the development of Vocbench 3 (VB3) is managed by the Publications Office of the EU<http://publications.europa.eu/> and is performed by a mixed research and development team from industry and academia.

Interested people can learn more about VocBench by visiting its project site: http://vocbench.uniroma2.it/

and by subscribing to its user/developer discussion groups: http://vocbench.uniroma2.it/support/

Learn more about VocBench by reading its documentation<http://vocbench.uniroma2.it/doc>. A list of publications<http://vocbench.uniroma2.it/doc/publications.jsf> related to VocBench is also available there.

Release Note:

VocBench Web App

  * Added Icelandic flag

  * Fixed a bug the prevented authorized users (e.g. lexicographer) to add/update/delete notes in assigned languages

  * Fixed authorization checks on CustomForm page

  * Improved Code editor in order to prevent unauthorized operation on other resources

  * Alphabetically sorted multiple values with the same language code in ResourceView

  * Added an option in the ResourceView for not showing links to deprecated resources

  * Fixed dependencies issues that prevented the application from building

  * Fixed global ACL table not scrolling when many projects are being shown

  * Minor bugfixes and improvements

SemanticTurkey RDF Server

  * improved the performance of the history paging service

  * improved the performance when loading the topConcept in the concept tree

  * improved the performance of the service listing recommended properties for a resource

  * added inference for the cform term to cover all cform(_) and cform(_,_) expressions

  * added an option to the resview for toggling the show of deprecated concepts

  * added zip files to the range of supported file types when loading data

  * enable the triple editor also for other roles than the administrator, by associating the capability rdf(code)

  * take system properties into account (e.g. proxy settings) when using the default HTTPClientBuilder in Apache


  * fixed a NullPointerException thrown when clicking "Export as..." in the alignment validation tool

  * added icelandic to system languages

  * fixed NoSuchPropertyException when trying to configure the NativeTemplateBasedURIGenerator

  * fixed a bug in label search (when labels start or end with a . in a project hosted on GraphDB)

  * fixed bugs in repairing broken imports from file

  * fixed the interpretation of min=0 pearl annotation for custom forms

  * fix for constraint min=0 in Custom Form's annotations not properly interpreted

  * brought a few changes to the services for managing broken imports

  * minor changes to services authorizations. In particular, the simple term "rdf" is now only a shortcut for

    rdf(_) and rdf(_,_) and should never be expressed as a capability. "rdf(code)" has been associated to all

    capabilities previously expressed as "rdf".

  * minor fixes to the labels identifying some locales

  * fixed a bug in the creation of the PEARL from SHACL when sh:minCount is used

  * improved ICVs in order to check also resources belonging to subclasses of the specified types

  * fixed a bug when searching a local project stored in a local RDF4J repository

Migration from a previous version of the system

As usual, for people migrating from a previous version of VocBench 3, it suffices to:
·        keep the "SemanticTurkeyData" directory (you might want to make a backup just in case anything happens, even though the system has been extensively tested for migration)

     *   consider that some migration routines will make the data directory not entirely compatible with prior versions of VocBench
·        remove the previous distribution (directory semanticturkey-x.y) and replace it with the new one inside the vocbench3-8.0.0-full.zip archive
·        if using an external triple store, replace the old st-changetracking-sail-8.0.jar file located in the lib directory of the triple store with the new one: st-changetracking-sail-8.0.jar, that can be extracted from:
·        if using an external triple store, insert the new st-trivial-inference-sail-8.0.jar file located in the lib directory of the triple store with the new one: st-trivial-inference-sail-8.0.jar, that can be extracted from:

For developers willing to recompile the project, none of the dependencies have changed wrt recent version 8.0

all of the dependencies of VocBench based on other software written by us:
·        semantic-turkey (8.0.1):        http://semanticturkey.uniroma2.it/        https://bitbucket.org/art-uniroma2/semantic-turkey
·        coda (1.7.0):            http://art.uniroma2.it/coda/            https://bitbucket.org/art-uniroma2/coda
·        lime-api (0.4.1):        http://art.uniroma2.it/lime/            https://bitbucket.org/art-uniroma2/lime-api
·        sheet2rdf (4.0.1):    http://art.uniroma2.it/sheet2rdf/    https://bitbucket.org/art-uniroma2/sheet2rdf
·        maple (0.0.6):    http://art.uniroma2.it/sheet2rdf/    https://bitbucket.org/art-uniroma2/sheet2rdf

have already been committed to Maven Central, so they may choose what to re-build and what to take as-is from the dependencies


The VocBench team


Armando Stellato, PhD
ART Research Group,
Dept. of Enterprise Engineering
University of Roma, Tor Vergata
Via del Politecnico 1 00133 ROMA (ITALY)
tel: +39 06 7259 7330 (office, room A1-14);
     +39 06 7259 7332 (lab)
e_mail: stellato@uniroma2.it<mailto:stellato@uniroma2.it>

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