Re: COVID19 Cross-Domain Linked Dataset

Dear all,

It would be amazing, if we as a community can contribute in some way to
fight COVID19.

We also started integrating some COVID related research findings into
the Open Research Knowledge Graph, aiming at giving researchers a better
comparative overview on the state of the art. Here you can see a
comparative survey on R0 reproductive number estimates from different
studies and some corresponding visualizations:

Please let us know if you have any ideas or would like to contribute.



On 27.03.2020 20:10, Blake Regalia wrote:
> Following up on what Krzysztof posted:
> We have put some basic information and examples from our COVID-19
> knowledge graph up on the website here:
> Thanks
>  - Blake Regalia
> On Fri, Mar 27, 2020 at 10:45 AM Oscar Corcho <
> <>> wrote:
>     Thanks Kryzstof,
>     If anyone needs also a SOLR index of all the papers from the
>     CORD-19/Kaggle dataset to build things on top of and prefers not to
>     setup its own one, we have made this one available in one of our
>     servers. If you are planning to make use of it, let us know, so that
>     we can be alert in case that the service goes down (the amount of
>     cyberattacks to our servers in Madrid has been growing constantly
>      during this last week, which goes on top of the set of humanitarian
>     and health problems that we have here in Spain).
>     This index contains not only the raw data available in
>     CORD-19/Kaggle, but also the results of annotating the papers with
>     ATC codes (drugs and their combinations that have been reported in
>     the papers) and diagnoses and tests that have been obtained with
>     CliNER. We will be adding more types of annotations.
>     We have also generated a probabilistic topic model with this corpus
>     based on the ATC codes, in case that anyone wants to exploit it as
>     well:
>     We will also be providing RDF versions of some of this data that can
>     be joined with the data made available by the Ghent folks and by
>     you, if you wish.
>     Oscar and the rest of the team (Carlos Badenes, Pablo Calleja,
>     Mariano Rico)
>     --
>     Oscar Corcho
>     Ontology Engineering Group
>     Departamento de Inteligencia Artificial
>     ETSI Informáticos
>     Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
>     Campus de Montegancedo, sn
>     28660 Boadilla del Monte, Madrid
>     Tel: +34 910672911
>>     El 27 mar 2020, a las 18:19, Krzysztof Janowicz <
>>     <>> escribió:
>>     Dear all,
>>     This is an update on our open knowledge graph about COVID-19.
>>     In our knowledge graph, we have:
>>       (1). COVID19 cases for countries and regions (data from Johns
>>     Hopkins University)
>>       (2). Airlines that are suspended due to COVID19 (data are
>>     partially donated from Aviation Edge and partially from manual
>>     collection)
>>       (3). Quarantine policies across the world (manually collected)
>>       (4). Relief aids from NGO (manually collected)
>>       (5). Regions on multiple levels
>>       (6). Local event data such as cancellations (so far by example only)
>>       (7). Supply chain disruptions (so far by example only)
>>     We are  updating our KG by adding more resources. Examples include:
>>      (1). Supply chains from wikidata
>>      (2). Virus strain data (we are collaborating with UCSD on this
>>     part right now)
>>      (3). Research articles from Kaggle (Thanks to Pieter, we will
>>     integrate your KG to ours)
>>     This KG can be visualized at:
>>     Example query:
>>     Query endpoint: and
>>     Raw RDF: use the export at
>>     Please keep in mind that we are constantly changing the data and
>>     even the underlying ontology; things will break at times.
>>     We hope this can be another initiative for our community to
>>     contribute to such a global challenge. Any suggestions and/or
>>     interests of collaborations are *most* welcome.
>>     Krzysztof
>>     -- 
>>     Krzysztof Janowicz
>>     Geography Department, University of California, Santa Barbara
>>     4830 Ellison Hall, Santa Barbara, CA 93106-4060
>>     Email: <>
>>     Webpage:
>>     Semantic Web Journal:

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