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> Hi. I've mentioned a project lastly. Since I didn't have a clear
> description then, the last thing I tried to clean up is being copied here
> now. Please have in consideration that I'm still a newbie and couldn't
> implement or test any thing of this yet.
> The idea is basically that if you have: A) an ERP, B) a CRM, C) Drive or
> similar and D) an issue tracker / workflow / BPM or similar you see a
> "syndicated" dashboard that allows you to browse "annotated" hypermedia
> aligned and matched about the state of the processes in each of them.
> After that if you act in A certain behavior the relevant / entailed
> changes are reflected in B, C and D (according to the processes and flows
> of the business domains of the applications that you have integrated) and
> that, through a “virtualized” model, have a homogeneous / aligned view
> (google JBoss Teiid, as an eventual back end, for example) of the domains
> you have.
> All this through a back end of graphs (triple store), functional
> programming, "ontology matching", inferences and even Machine Learning in
> layers from the model to the functional view and various types of clients /
> APIs of applications or services.
> Then there was the issue to export to a "standard" format (WS- * /
> StratML, Swagger, GraphQL or an "Object Graph Mapper") the metadata that
> allows to consume or create endpoints / services / clients "declaratively"
> on the "inference" of what would be the APIs or interfaces and their flows
> (google REST HATEOAS or REST HAL) from what was integrated. All this goal /
> purpose driven: metadata about the processes / domains and their objectives.
> There are particular cases (WS- * / StratML, for example) that would serve
> both as "input" for the description of domains orchestration and for
> formatting the "output" of some type of description / interfaces.
> I dare to attach a draft at the risk of it looking like a mess:
> Sebastián Samaruga.

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