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CloudObjects - a platform to host ontologies

From: Lukas Rosenstock <lukas@cloudobjects.io>
Date: Tue, 2 Jun 2020 17:24:30 +0200
Message-Id: <403A419F-FDFD-4117-8F53-AF1FD2A97060@cloudobjects.io>
To: semantic-web@w3.org
Hello everyone,

I'm the creator of CloudObjects, a platform that hosts and distributes (with permission management) configuration data for applications. It uses RDF/LinkedData in the backend and acts as the base for some other projects we're building around it. However, it can be used for more generic ontologies as well.

To demonstrate that, I wrote a tutorial in which I'm building a pizza ontology. I'd be happy to get some feedback on the article, and I want to encourage you to try it out for yourself.

Here's the article:

https://blog.cloudobjects.io/core/tutorial/2020/05/29/domain-model-pizza/ <https://blog.cloudobjects.io/core/tutorial/2020/05/29/domain-model-pizza/>
Thank you,

Lukas Rosenstock


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