Re: Carbon Efficiency of Semantic Web and Linked Data Queries

Thank you Floriano, this looks indeed promising. Did you consider to
develop and apply a similar metric to SPARQL queries as well?

also can you please elaborate a little on the energy footprint score:

[image: SWenergy.jpg]

can this proxy be used meaningfully to compare results on different devices
as well?

On Fri, Feb 28, 2020 at 12:57 PM Floriano Scioscia <> wrote:

> Hi Marco,
> my research group has recently released /evOWLuator/, a cross-platform,
> energy aware evaluation tool for OWL reasoners:
> Here are some other works where energy footprint of OWL reasoning was
> measured, with a focus on mobile systems:
> [1] Patton, E.W., McGuinness, D.L.: A power consumption benchmark for
> reasoners on mobile devices. In: International Semantic Web Conference.
> pp. 409-424. Springer (2014).
> [2] Valincius, E., Nguyen, H.H., Pan, J.Z.: A Power Consumption
> Benchmark Framework for Ontology Reasoning on Android Devices. In: OWL
> Reasoner Evaluation (ORE) Workshop. pp. 80-86 (2015).
> [3] Guclu, I., Li, Y.F., Pan, J.Z., Kollingbaum, M.J.: Predicting energy
> consumption of ontology reasoning over mobile devices. In: International
> Semantic Web Conference. pp. 289-304. Springer (2016).
> [4] Koopmann, P., H ahnel, M., Turhan, A.Y.: Energy-Effi ciency of OWL
> Reasoners - Frequency Matters. In: Joint International Semantic
> Technology Conference. pp. 86-101. Springer (2017).
> Kind regards,
> Floriano
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Marco Neumann

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