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It is great to see alternative publishing outlets for proceedings,
I am evaluating this outlet and have two bits of feedback:

*The process*
I find headings such as policy, benefits, preconditions etc
but not How to submit, Have to read in much detail the whole page to find
out how to submit. This information could be better organised, to make it
quicker for the reader
to find the information they need

*POLICY -* the policy as declared in the page above is incomplete! some
important bit is missing: The team says in email:

*we reserve the right to reject a submission based on our criteria.
Therules are necessarily vague.*

What are the criteria?  This is not in the policy, however it seems  rather
I hope this service matures and to be using it ,

On Thu, Feb 20, 2020 at 8:42 PM Sarven Capadisli <> wrote:

> This may be a useful reminder to all conferences and journals lining up
> to sign-up with the Springers, and the Elseviers, and the IOS Presses,
> etc.. to publish proceedings for "free".
> It is also a reminder to those that even go out of their way to provide
> free labour under the pretext of research to improve the systems of
> for-profit third-party publishers and analytics companies.
> Perhaps take a moment to consider the possibility of using or
> contributing to the development of services like CEUR-WS instead -
> beyond the workshops. CEUR-WS has a great track record against all odds.
> The CS/SW community owes!
> PS: For those unfamiliar with Journal Impact Factor, don't let anyone
> try to convince you that it is anything but hocus-pocus.
> -Sarven
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> Subject: CEUR-WS-25th-anniversary-1995-2020
> Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2020 11:14:31 +0100
> From: CEUR-WS user <>
> To:
> Dear colleague,
> you are one of the editors of Vol-1549 at
> You were instrumental to the success of CEUR-WS!
> We celebrate our 25th anniversary in 2020!
> **********************************************************
> Join us on Twitter and other social media using hashtags      #CEURWS
> #25thanniversary #openaccess
> **********************************************************
> Share your thoughts with us! What did you like? Where should we head to
> in the next 25 years?
> The first volume was published on April 6, 1995,
> a few months after RWTH Aachen started the SunSITE server
> to support academic collaboration worldwide.
> As of 2020-02-20, CEUR-WS has published more than 2500 volumes,
> free of cost for authors, editors and readers.
> Kind greetings,
> Manfred Jeusfeld, CEUR-WS Team
> PS: If you receive this email more than once, then this is because
> you were editir of multiple proceedings volumes at CEUR-WS. That is
> great!

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