Mines Saint-Étienne is hiring for a permanent position

Dear Semantic Web community,

We have an open permanent position at école des mines de Saint-Étienne 
(EMSE) as a "Maitre de conférence IMT" (~assistant professor) on 
knowledge representation, reasoning, semantic web.

We are looking for someone with a PhD degree in computer science that 
made strong scientific contributions in one of the fields of knowledge 
representation, knowledge engineering, knowledge graphs, or semantic web.

Additionally, skills in the following fields would be highly 
appreciated: Internet of Things, Web architecture, integration and 
intelligent systems, logics.

Although this position is open to any nationality, some knowledge of 
French is required, with a desire to improve their French for non-fluent 

The details of the job position are explained (in French) at:


Deadline for application: 30th April 2020
Primary scientific contact: Flavien Balbo (flavien.balbo@emse.fr)
Administrative contact: Amandine Hirondeau (hirondeau@emse.fr)

You can also get in touch with me if you have questions about the position.

Antoine Zimmermann
Institut Henri Fayol
École des Mines de Saint-Étienne
158 cours Fauriel
CS 62362
42023 Saint-Étienne Cedex 2
Tél:+33(0)4 77 42 66 03
Fax:+33(0)4 77 42 66 66
Member of team Connected Intelligence, Laboratoire Hubert Curien

Received on Thursday, 27 February 2020 09:22:59 UTC