Detecting cycles in OWL


I would like to find out wheather data contains a cycle so that some 
individuals of two different classes are connected together with 2 or 
more property paths.

So there are two paths in the data (--x--> denoting property):

a:A --p1--> c:C --p2--> b:B

a:A --p3--> d:D --p4--> b:B

Is it possible to express in OWL  that some individual of type A is 
connected to some individual of type B through these two property paths 
(p1 o p2) and (p3 o p4)?

Closest I've come up is this

Class: CycleFromA
     EquivalentTo: p1 o p2 SOME B AND p3 o p4 SOME :B

but this doesn't force b to be same individual. And how this CycleFromA 
could be used for reasoning and finding out if such double connection 

Thank you.

Received on Friday, 24 April 2020 13:23:20 UTC