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Job Openings: Researchers at STI Innsbruck

From: Anna Fensel <anna.fensel@sti2.at>
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2019 22:19:18 +0200
To: semantic-web@w3.org
Message-ID: <95869498e1a83bc105ce78caabfd6bc1@sti2.at>
Semantic Technology Institute (STI) Innsbruck (www.sti-innsbruck.at) is 
a research group at the Department of Computer Science at the University 
of Innsbruck, Austria, engaged in research and development to bring 
information and communication technologies of the future into today`s 

STI Innsbruck is currently looking for candidates for the following 

PhD Student Researchers and Master Student Researchers

To join us as new research staff members to help us in new projects:

European Commission-funded project (Horizon 2020) "smashHit: Smart 
Dispatcher for Secure and Controlled Sharing of Distributed Personal and 
Industrial Data" aims to assure trusted and secure sharing of data 
streams from both personal and industrial platforms, needed to build 
sectorial and cross-sectorial services, by establishing a framework for 
processing of data owner consent and legal rules and effective 
contracting, as well as joint security and privacy preserving 

FFG-funded project (IKT der Zukunft - Ausschreibung DE-AT 
Datenwirtschaft) "CampaNeo: Platform for Real-time Vehicle Data 
Campaigns" develops an open platform on which private and public 
institutions can create campaigns and collect and analyze vehicle data 
in real time. The goal is to set up a prototype platform for secure 
campaign-based data collection in Hanover, Wolfsburg and in 
cross-regional scenarios, as well as the implementation of the first 
smart use cases based on the campaign data.


You should have research interest and/or experience in areas such as 
Semantic Technology, Knowledge Graphs, (Semantic) Web Services, Data 
Value Chain, Explainable AI (Artificial Intelligence), Smart Contracting 
and Blockchain, Rule-based Systems, Sensor Data Processing and 
Modelling, Online Communication and Marketing, as well as in 
interdisciplinary work involving ethics, legal, economic, and 
behavioural sciences.

We offer a possibility to perform high quality computer science research 
on cutting-edge applied topics of global significance, with direct 
cooperation with the most important and large European technology 
industry (Volkswagen AG, Germany; Atos Spain), as well as city 
administrations, legal experts, insurance companies, and academic 
institutions, complemented with competitive and academic 
studies-friendly employment conditions.


Detailed information concerning these positions is available at 

Applications should include a cover letter, curriculum vitae, a list of 
publications/Master thesis (when available), a research statement, and 
be sent via email (text, postscript or PDF only) to hr@sti2.at

Ass.-Prof. Dr. Anna Fensel

Semantic Technology Institute (STI) Innsbruck,
Department of Computer Science,
University of Innsbruck,
Technikerstra├če 21a,
A-6020 Innsbruck,

t: +43-512-507-53720
e: anna.fensel@sti2.at
w: www.anna.fensel.com
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