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This is great work, thank you. I’ll have to become more educated to be able to contribute.

Are there currently any plans to potentially take this to the EU once this hits 1.0?

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On Jul 27, 2019, at 3:34 AM, Ghislain Atemezing <<>> wrote:

Hi Axel,
Thanks for this great work!
One small comment and a small typo in the Turtle file [1]

#  typo: format for "2019-06-18"^^xsd:dateTime.
# comment: I don’t understand the the triples of the form <subject> rdfs:isDefinedBy "s” . What means “s” ?

Thanks again for this output.


Le 26 juil. 2019 à 19:22, Axel Polleres <<>> a écrit :

The W3C Data Privacy Vocabularies and Controls Community Group (DPVCG) [1] has published a first public CG draft report on its "Data Privacy Vocabulary" (DPV)" [2] today:

The draft, titled

Data Privacy Vocabulary v0.1
        Draft Community Group Report 26 July 2019

has been published at

The Data Privacy Vocabulary (DPV) provides terms (classes and properties) to annotate and categorize instances of legally compliant personal data handling according to the EU General Data Protection Regulation. This scope could be extended by later versions to other data and privacy protection regulations. The vocabulary provides terms to describe which personal data Categories are undergoing a specified kind of processing by a specific data controller and/or transferred to some recipient for a particular purpose, based on a specific legal ground (e.g., consent, or other legal grounds such as legitimate interest, etc.), with specified technical and organisational measures and restrictions (e.g., storage locations and storage durations) in place.

We kindly request feedback on this drafts, ideally by September 15!

How to provide feedback:

The DPVCG requests participation regarding open issues and welcomes suggestions on their resolution or mitigation. The list of open issues and their discussions to date can be found at Specifically, the DPVCG kindly requests proposals to extend its initial taxonomies by additional terms, where these are missing or need refinements in order to describe specific use cases of personal data handling.
The CG is open to join for everyone, other forms of participation such as comments and feedback are also welcome, please refer to details how to provide feedback described in the draft, and send your feedback to the the CG's
public mailinglist<>  .

Interested participants should please submit their suggestions, feedbacks, and comments by 15th September 2019 in order to have them formally reviewed according to the scheduled timeline and taken into account for the final CG report.

Looking forward to your inputs & best regards,
Axel Polleres (on behalf of DPVCG)



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