Re: neural networks being purported as KR?

Hi Paola

I'd say a NN is not as "knowledgy" as a decision tree. I would argue that
NN is a mathematical model that compiles previous data representing
cause/consequences, so it's the same type of knowledge as, say, a logarithm
table, versus the type of knowledge the infinte sum formula for evaluating
logarithms would represent.

They certainly don't look the same thing to me.



diogo patrão

On Thu, Jul 25, 2019 at 11:58 PM Paola Di Maio <>

> Sorry to bang on this topic, but its the task at hand at the moment
> I just found an article, which is good scientific survey then  purports NN
> as a type of KR
> (casually sneaks in NN as the latest KR)
> This is published in a Springer peer reviewed publication and my makes all
> of my hairs stand up on my head
> This is the kind of rubbish that without further qualification is being
> passed down
> as the latest research, and  which the future generations of AI scientists
> are being fed-
> wonder if anyone else has a problem with this proposition
> (sign of the times?)
> I am doing my best within my means to identify and contain this peril
> Article
> A survey of knowledge representation methods and applications in machining
> process planning
> The machining process is the act of preparing the detailed operating
> instructions for changing an engineering design into an end product, which
> involves the removal of material from the part. Today, machining ...
> Xiuling Li, Shusheng Zhang, Rui Huang… in The International Journal of
> Advanced Manu… (2018)

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