Announcing PSPS: Like GitHub pages but for Linked Data

Hi all

After starting the year with as a Linked Data site, we're today opening PSPS, the tool behind it:

PSPS is like GitHub pages but optimized for RDF Data:

  *   All RDF data added to the repository is available via SPARQL
  *   The resource described in any of the RDF files in the repository can be accessed as Linked Data (provided the nameserver are configured to point to the PSPS instance)
  *   Every RDF file is mapped to a named graph that can also be dereferenced *
  *   When resources are requested in the browser the server returns simple HTML with RDFa that is the rendered to more complex HTML on the client using renderers declared in RDF using RDF2h (see:
  *   Content negotiation can be used to get a RDF/XML, Turtle, JSON-LD, N-Triples and HTML with RDFa

So to use our own website as an example, you can:

  *   Access the data via SPARQL:
  *   Browse the data using your favorite linked data browser:
  *   Or, well access it like an almost normal website:

I would like to invite you try it out and I'm looking forward to your comments, issues and pull requests.


* to be precise: all named graphs are available via SPARQL, when dereferencing the named graph PSPS will return the union of the graph with the symmetric concise bounded description of the resource that has the same IRI as the graph so there may be some additional triples.

Received on Thursday, 10 January 2019 15:55:28 UTC