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Dear colleagues,

at the Institute for Theoretical Computer Science at TU Dresden we offer
two research positions (PhD student or Postdoc) from March 2019 until
December 2022.

The main task for these positions is to create, implement, and test
approaches for explaining Description Logic and other forms of logical
reasoning in a way that can adapt to certain types of users. In
addition, one of the researchers is expected to work on interactive
visualisation methods for explanations, and the other on applying
ontology-based reasoning and explanation in an application scenario.
This research will be carried out within a collaborative research center
(CRC/Transregio 248) that lays the foundations for the cyberphysical
systems of the future, enabling them to explain their functionality and
behaviour (so-called Perspicuous Systems). More information on the CRC
can be found at


The official call for applications with more information and
instructions for how to apply can be found at


But note that the deadline of January 15, 2019 given there is not
strict: we will accept applications as long as the positions are not
filled. Also, applicants invited for interviews will receive travel

Please alert your advanced Master students to this opportunity and put
the official call for applications on your bulletin boards.

Best regards,

-Franz Baader

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