Several Assistant Professor positions (tenure track) at Aalborg University

Several Assistant Professor positions in Computer Science (with possibility of tenure-track) at Aalborg University, Denmark.

At the Department of Computer Science, Technical Faculty of IT and Design, Aalborg University, several positions as Assistant Professor (with possibility of tenure-track) are open for appointment starting June 1, 2020 or soon thereafter. The Department of Computer Science features a broad range of synergistic activities within research and education in the general area of computer science, including curiosity-driven research and targeted research in collaboration with industrial partners, as well as traditional university education, with a unique problem- and project-based focus, and continued education and knowledge dissemination.

The research areas of the positions include the following three main areas: Database, Programming and Web technologies (Daisy), Distributed, Embedded and Intelligent Systems, and Human-Centered Computing.

About Daisy (Center for Data Intensive Systems):
The research at Daisy focuses on data-intensive systems and platforms, Web Science, spatio-temporal data management, data analytics and mining, and applications of machine learning. International evaluations place Daisy in the global top tier. For example, an independent study of publication performance in the top database outlets in the 10-year period 2001-2010 ranks Daisy second among all research groups in Europe. More information about Daisy can be found at

About Aalborg University:
According to the most recent US News World Ranking, Aalborg University ranks 4th in the world within the field of Engineering. According to a 2018 MIT report, Aalborg University is considered to have one of the best engineering programs in the world. See:

About Aalborg:
Aalborg is a lively city with numerous cultural attractions. The area features relatively low cost of living, clean air, beautiful forests and beaches, and very good transportation infrastructure. A recent report on European cities ranks Aalborg highest:

To apply, please follow the following link:

Deadline: February 1, 2020.

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