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[CfP] A Decentralised Web Workshop @WebConf 2020

From: Luis-Daniel Ibáñez <L.D.Ibanez@soton.ac.uk>
Date: Mon, 9 Dec 2019 18:19:47 +0000
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### Call for Papers ###

Workshop on A Decentralised Web
In conjunction with The Web Conference 2020
April 20th or 21st 2020, Taipei, Taiwan
Website: https://adecentweb.org/a-decentralised-web-workshop-2020/

Contributions deadline: 20th January 2020 (23:59 AoE)
Submission Link: https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=decentweb19

### About the Workshop ###

The Web is increasingly becoming a centralised story: we rely on 
large-scale server-side infrastructures to perform intense reasoning, 
data mining, and query execution, and we are expected to trust the 
outputs. This kind of centralisation leads to a number of problems, 
including lock-in effects, lack of user control of their data, limited 
incentives for interoperability and openness, and the resulting 
detrimental effects on privacy and innovation. Therefore, we urgently 
need research and engineering to decentralise the Web once more, aiming 
for intelligent clients—instead of intelligent servers.

### Topics of Interest ###

We consider two major themes around decentralisation: technical and human.

On the technical side, topics include but not limited to:

  * Neutral and balanced Web architectures
  * Decentralised data management
  * Decentralised query processing and indexing
  * Multi-agent and collaborative systems on top of Web technologies
  * Collective Intelligence, including peer production, collaborative, 
and edge computation
  * Privacy and anonymity versus security and transparency
  * “Well behaved” systems: technical aspects of trust, policies, 
governance, compliance, accountability and transparency
  * Consensus algorithms and Blockchains
  * Web and Internet of things

On the human side, topics include but not limited to:

  * Computational Social Science: network effect, post-truth, filter 
bubbles, echo chambers, nudging
  * User experience of decentralisation: control, understanding, explanation
  * Developer experience of decentralisation: languages, standards, 
software development tools
  * Human and social aspects of privacy and anonymity, and its 
relationship with security and transparency
  * “Well behaved” systems: human and social aspects of trust, policies, 
governance, compliance, accountability and transparency
  * Economics and business models of decentralised systems
  * Decentralisation as a mean for inclusion

### Organisers ###

Ruben Verborgh - IDLab - Ghent University
Allan Third - KMI - Open University
Sabrina Kirrane - Vienna University of Economics and Business
Luis-Daniel Ibáñez - University of Southampton

Further info: https://adecentweb.org/a-decentralised-web-workshop-2020/

Dr. Luis-Daniel Ibáñez
Research Fellow
Web and Internet Science Group
University of Southampton

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