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From: Sebastian Samaruga <ssamarug@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2019 15:36:29 -0300
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Sorry if I dare to post my spare thoughts again in this lists. I apologize
but it is in the hope of sharing what comes into my writings trying to look
for someone with more knowledge to "validate" or to "guide" my points of

Going through my most recent attempts of having something concrete for
sharing in plain English I realize one mistake I'm committing: I'm trying
to describe combustion vehicles (Hypermedia Applications) saying that
petroleum exists (Semantic Intelligence).

As long as my post are going I've just got a stack of (incoherent)
"analysis" documents as the result of my work. And I had only those until
now because I was stuck because of the previously mentioned mistake (ah,
and because of my Bipolar Disease maniac episodes...).

So, I should try to describe applications instead and see how and where
fuel should burn properly inside a motion vehicle to generate traction.
Every semicolon I write is updated into my GitHub repository, so, sorry if
you browse that "scrapbook" and you don't find anything even intelligible.


There is a brief technical description work in progress document. For now
it just a list of statements about a potential backend. Session and
Inteteraction layers are not specified.


Best Regards,
Sebastian Samaruga:

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