Re: Talk about Obama campaign at a Semantic Web conference

Hi Aidan,

you are probably talking about  Julius van de Laar,

see here:

"Julius van de Laar is a political strategist and communications expert 
with strong campaigning experience. He has consulted politicians and 
political parties, non-governmental organizations, and private sector 
corporations developing strategies to achieve their goals: developing a 
compelling campaign narrative, winning elections, advocating for issues, 
raising money, growing their membership and creating a movement.

During the 2008 US Presidential election, Julius van de Laar worked for 
Barack Obama's winning presidential campaign in nearly a dozen states. 
There, he focused on targeting voters and gaining supporters by 
combining proven campaigning strategies with the latest new media tactics."

Cheers, Basil

On 09.11.2018 21:23, Aidan Hogan wrote:
> Hi all,
> A slightly unusual request but ...
> A colleague of mine is collecting some background information about 
> Cambrige Analytica, and I mentioned to him about a talk I saw at a 
> Semantic Web conference some years ago describing how the Obama 
> election campaign had used social media; however, now I cannot seem to 
> find the conference, speaker, title, etc. The speaker was someone who 
> worked for the campaign and was involved in Facebook apps for 
> spreading targetted messages. I checked the Semantic Web events I 
> attended around that time but I cannot find any such talk on the 
> webpages.
> Does anyone happen to remember such a talk?
> Best,
> Aidan


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