Re: and OWL

Oh sorry 1 more thing, and since does not have the concept of an
Attribute, then we sometimes get these weird Subtypes fabricated.  Again,
it's an opinion where someone decided long ago, "No, we're not going to
have Attributes(think Trait), just Types and Properties"

On Wed, Jun 13, 2018 at 10:38 PM Thad Guidry <> wrote:

> Anthony,
> There are some Types and Subtypes in that are in fact actually
> Attributes of a Type.  ProductModel is actually an Attribute of a Product.
> You and I know that, so do a lot of other folks.  Unfortunately, the
> stakeholders have not cleared up the cruft as Dan said.  We have been
> asking for it, but its already out there published, and folks have lived
> with it as it is and are USING IT most importantly as-is, and works for the
> most part when you don't look at the Typing with hard eyes, but soft ones
> instead.  Yeah, there's some opinionated views around here, is all I can
> say. :-)
> Looking forward to your opinions in the issues you create !
> -Thad

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