generating globally unique triple identifier as IRIs

I’m looking for an algorithm to generate identifiers for any possible RDF statements that are themselve IRIs, globally unique, reproducible and not dependend on the source of the statement (i.e. document URI).

In other words, the algorithm has to have the following properties:
- reproducible: the same triple must always get the same identifier
- global: the identifier must be independent from the source of the triple 
  (a document title, named graph name, graph URI etc)
- unique: triples that differ in subject, predicate or object must have different identifiers
- conformant: the identifier must be an IRI
- autonomous and finite: it can’t rely on any central repository, secondary service etc

Does such an algorithm exist? Is it even possible given that each node in the stateent could be an IRI of maximal length and entropy? 


Received on Tuesday, 24 July 2018 15:56:28 UTC