Re: CfP for 3d Drift-a-LOD workshop on Concept Drift & Linked Open Data at ESWC2018

On 2018-02-01 12:57, Laura Hollink wrote:
> Hi Sarven, 
> Thanks for nudging us in the right direction. We support the currently ongoing move towards more open, decentralised publishing of academic output. To reflect this, at least a bit, we’ve updated the call with a text that encourages authors to take steps in this direction.
Laura, thank you for considering and engaging :)

Something for all:

What you are doing is first and foremost for the community! I can only
encourage you to take visible actions towards what many of us probably
envision this "stuff" to be. Linked Research is not intended to be
anything above and beyond that, nor have all of the answers up front.

Note that CEUR-WS allows HTML and PDF based contributions mixed in the
same proceedings. HTML based gets their own directory.

If a particular layout (eg LNCS) is what you are after, that's a solved
problem in HTML+CSS (c. 90s) - see if any
doubts. So, Springer's authoring guidelines looks like this:

Aside: but why be fixed on the LNCS view to begin with? It is designed
for print, not Web! It is anti-social, ignorant of interactivity, and
most certainly oblivious to what we consider of semantics.

So, something to consider:

Should a workshop force a particular view on the articles, or should
authors be free to express their work in a way that they deem to be most
communicative? This is an excellent time to test all our assumptions as any.

There is no particular reason why the native Web stack is not on equal
(or higher up) grounds than the print-centric stack (PDF), *especially*
for the Semantic Web community. No particular reason to stick to
antiquated ways. PDF is a clear cut dead-end.

So, why bother with HTML in the first place? It just happens to be that
it can be ubiquitously created and consumed, and a great building block
where it can be accompanied with most suitable views and interactions,
as well as providing the mechanism to incorporate machine-readable
statements. Having said that, it is not an HTML or nothing world. Just
different complexity and possibilities based on our needs. It is just
that PDF may not be the most convincing way for one to inform and
educate another on the Web.



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