[ANN] semantic_forms: generic app. and framework, mixing LOD, SPARQL, OWL, and LDP

We are happy to announce the 2.0 release of semantic_forms

This is a Free software, written in Scala programming language for the Java
platform, and using the Play! framework. It leverages on Jena TDB SPARQL
database. It is actually also a compliant SPARQL server.

Main features:

   - SPARQL-based web framework
      - Generation of forms from OWL classes or RDF form specification
      - SPARQL cache for LOD documents
      - Link with textual search (Lucene)
   -      Generic application:
      - LOD navigation, collaborative
      - Editing, creating local URIs
         - Makes it easy to create links to dbPedia
      - Embryo of social network: history in the home page
      - Data management for SPARQL: named graphs
      - partial LDP implementation

It comes with associated projects items (see Wiki
https://github.com/jmvanel/semantic_forms/wiki )

   - documentation (see
   https://github.com/jmvanel/semantic_forms/tree/master/doc/en )
   - user manual
      - Application Developer manual
      - installation from distribution or from source code
      - Application and database administration
   - sandbox at http://semantic-forms.cc:9111/ (push "Create" to create
   your FOAF profile)

Jean-Marc Vanel
D├ęductions SARL - Consulting, services, training,
Rule-based programming, Semantic Web
+33 (0)6 89 16 29 52
Twitter: @jmvanel , @jmvanel_fr ; chat: irc://irc.freenode.net#eulergui

Received on Wednesday, 24 May 2017 12:47:23 UTC