Re: Studies on the quality of URI Templates

Not an answer, but a use-case you may find useful : the European
Legislation Identifier project (ELI -
encourages national legal publisher to identify the countries legislations
with URIs, and document these using URI templates. The templates for
countries participating in the initiative are documented at


2017-05-22 11:26 GMT+02:00 Sarven Capadisli <>:

> Any (longitudinal) study out there on the quality of URI Templates? [*]
> eg authority's documentation on their URI Templates and their
> reflections at a later date, evaluation, usage, usefulness etc., or
> consumer's documentation/experience on the publisher's URI Templates.
> If not, I'd be interested in looking into your contributions one day.
> Hint hint ;)
> [*] Captain's log, stardate 70854.8. I still want to be able to run my
> own arbitrary queries on this sort of stuff. The "state of the art" for
> finding information sucks because... the data is not out there.
> -Sarven


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