Re: I am.

> [ is dc:author of <> ]  .
> Could be read as “I exist”.
> Or in plain turtle
> <> dc:author [] . 
> Excellent, why didn't I think of that? I stand corrected.

I am working on an architecture for cognitive agents based upon blending Linked Data with Cognitive Science. For one thing, this involves an extension to RDF to add persistent link strengths and exponential decaying activation levels on nodes. Its also involves a relatively natural representation of the semantics of natural language, and a shift from logical proof to a statistical idea of what is most likely based upon past experience. My main inspiration is John R.Anderson’s work on ACT-R. Essentially, I want to extend the Web from a Web pages to a Web of things (see and from there to a Cognitive Web of Things, and the emergence of self aware cognitive agents.

The bottom lime is that combining ideas from different disciplines can enable rapid progress!

Dave Raggett <>
W3C champion for the Web of things

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