Re: I am.

On May 18, 2017 10:34 PM, "Pat Hayes" <> wrote:

That is what Descartes claimed. He was wrong. I am more certain that the
tree outside my window exists than that I exist. In fact, I am pretty sure
that I am a figment of my body’s imagination. Not that this has anything at
all to do with RDF, of course.

[I was at the dentists a few days ago, with the nitrous flowing in through
the nasal mask, and a couple of shots of anesthetic in the  lower right
side of my face. To check on whether the shots had taken effect, the
dentist asked me where I could feel numbness. I voiced strong metaphysical
objections. "Urggh", I said. ]

Getting back to the original statement, there are a few aspects that lack
direct support in  RDF.  For example, "I" is indexical, and the proposition
embedded in the statement is probably tensed (with the time of the
utterance being salient).

Would it be cheating to represent things as an RDF node of type Cycl / IKL
/ CLIF  assertions, with the actual representation in an attached literal?


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