Marie-Curie Project - Digital Heritage Conference 2017: 5th Call for extended abstracts

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The EU FP7 PEOPLE (Marie-Curie Fellowship) – Initial Training Network on Digital Cultural Heritage project ( <applewebdata://F68DEC09-B87E-4EE0-BC87-362F8A04CEBD/redir.hsp?>) is coming to an end and it is organizing a unique conference in the domain of Digital Cultural Heritage. 
The event aims to present the final results of the project and to bring together experts, stakeholders, policy makers and leaders from the domain, addressing the current challenges in the field and starting a dialogue that will lay the foundation for the creation of a multidisciplinary community in this particular field.
To find out more details, please visit our webpage and have a look on the call for extended abstracts: <applewebdata://F68DEC09-B87E-4EE0-BC87-362F8A04CEBD/redir.hsp?>
The conference will be held in one of the most beautiful areas in the center of Europe in Olimje, Slovenia: <applewebdata://F68DEC09-B87E-4EE0-BC87-362F8A04CEBD/redir.hsp?>
Important dates:
Abstract submission deadline: 24th March 2017
Notification of acceptance: 10th April 2017
Registration deadline:  1st  May 2017
Conference: 23rd -25th  May 2017
Authors of all the accepted abstracts will be invited to submit a full paper by 1st August 2017 which will be published by Springer-Nature in the LNCS proceedings ( <applewebdata://F68DEC09-B87E-4EE0-BC87-362F8A04CEBD/redir.hsp?>)
Aim and topics
ITN-DCH Final Conference seeks original and innovative contributions in theoretical and practical applications of digital cultural heritage focusing on three main thematic topics:
1) Data Acquisition and Modelling,
2) Semantic enrichment, Ontologies and
3) Creative Reuse.  
Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

3D scanning & digitization (laser, structured light, motion capture, etc.) 
Image matching and 3D reconstruction
Low-cost 3D reconstruction -Building Information Modeling (BIM / HBIM)
4D modelling -Multi-source data/multi-sensors approaches -Linked data and applications
Authenticity & provenance -Metadata aggregation 
Digital Preservation for DCH -Quality metrics 
Data representation -Ontology engineering -Principles, guidelines, and best practices -Application profile
Interoperability and mapping across domains 
Digital curation workflows & application 
Audio/video digital libraries -Annotations & Annotation management 
Data Visualisation -Interactive visualisation 
Storytelling and serious game 
Mixed/augmented reality
Two main workshops are going to be organised:

Data acquisition of Cultural Heritage
Re-use of Tangible/Intangible Heritage digital resources: scientific and cultural challenges
Roko Zarnic, president of SAEE, Slovenia
Meta Krzan, Secretary General of SAEE, Slovenia

Margarita Papaefthymiou, FORTH, Greece
Vasiliki Nikolakopoulou, Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus
Matevz Domajnko, Fraunhofer IGD, Germany
Eirini Papageorgiou, Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus
George Leventis, Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus
Nicola Carboni, Centre Nationale de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), France
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