Open Ph.D. Student Positions, eXascale Infolab, Switzerland

***Open Ph.D. Student Positions, eXascale Infolab, Switzerland***

The eXascale Infolab (XI) [] at the University of
Fribourg in Switzerland has several openings for Ph.D. students
starting now. XI is a leading research lab focusing on creating
next-generation information management infrastructures for scientific,
semantic, and social data.

We are looking for highly qualified individuals with a M.Sc. in
Computer Science (or related areas). Candidates must have strong
analytical and programming skills, a good command of the English
language, and a genuine interest in designing, building and publishing
innovative approaches and systems to manage Big Data.

XI’s current endeavors include projects to build new Big Data
infrastructures to better handle GPS or time series data, and to
integrate textual and scientific data through large-scale knowledge
graphs using probabilistic models and machine learning. Our lab is
highly international (see our current members ) and collaborates with top research
institutions around the world (see our recent partners ).

Salary and social benefits are extremely competitive (salaries for
Ph.D. students start at 47K CHF). The positions will be supported by a
generous grant (2 million euros) from the European Research Council,
and by the Big Data Program of the Swiss National Science Foundation.
The Ph.D. students will be able to join existing projects but also to
establish their own research agenda with the help of other lab members.

Ideally situated in the heart of Switzerland and at the foot of the
Alps, the city of Fribourg lies on the linguistic border between the
French and German-speaking parts of the country. In addition to being
recognized as a first-class location for business and education,
Fribourg is also a delightful and exceptional place to live and is
often ranked first for quality of life in Western Switzerland (see for
instance ).

If you would like to apply, please send an email with your CV, a short
letter of motivation, and some recent technical write-up (B.Sc / M.Sc.
thesis, blog post, or technical paper) to . Deadline:
March 30, 2017.

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