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[simu-conf] WSC 2017 - Posters, Case Studies, PhD Colloquium, ?Vendor track

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Winter Simulation Conference (WSC) 2017 - Call for Papers December 3-6, 2017
Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa

Posters, Case Studies, PhD Colloquium, Vendor tracks

With 360 accepted papers, panels, special tracks, and an amazing venue, this 50th Anniversary Winter Simulation Conference promises to be a very exciting event. This is a reminder that there are other upcoming deadlines:

. Poster Track

. PhD Colloquium

. Case Studies

. Vendor Track


50th Anniversary Keynote - Barry L Nelson Northwestern University

WSC 2067:  What Are The Chances?
At the November 1967 "Conference on the Applications of Simulation Using
GPSS" it seems unlikely that anyone was wondering if the conference would
still be occupying a big hotel in 2017. Conferences persist for many
reasons, but a technical conference like WSC has to remain relevant to
users, vendors, researchers and consumers (not just hotels) to survive. If
our kind of simulation vanished, then so (eventually) would WSC. What is
required for simulation to "remain relevant" for the next 50 years? Without
fear of having to answer for my crimes in 2067, I boldly speculate on what
SHOULD matter for the next 10-20 years, if not the next 50, with a focus on
our strength: dealing with uncertainty.

50th Anniversary Titans

Robert G. Sargent
Professor Emeritus - Syracuse University A Prospective on Fifty-Five Years
of the Evolution of Scientific Respect for Simulation

Bernard P. Zeigler
Professor Emeritus of Electrical and Computer Engineering - University of

MASM Keynote
Stephane Dauzere-Peres
Professor, Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne Achievements and Lessons Learned
from a Long-term Academic-Industrial Collaboration

Military Keynote
Douglas Hodson
Associate Professor, Professor of Computer Engineering at the Air Force
Institute of Technology (AFIT) Military Simulation:  A Ubiquitous Future

50th Anniversary Track Keynote
Brian Hollocks
Professor, Bournemouth University, Faculty of Management.
History of Simulation in the United Kingdom

Further information about submission and the conference:
Twitter: @WSConf
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wintersimulationconference/

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