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[CfP] SemStats 2017 @ ISWC 2017

From: Evangelos Kalampokis <ekal@uom.edu.gr>
Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2017 10:38:01 +0300
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#SemStats 2017 - 2nd Call for Contributions

## Document ID
http://semstats.org/2017/call-for-contributions <http://semstats.org/2017/call-for-contributions>

## Keywords
ISWC2017, SemStats, Linked Data, SDMX, Statistics, Statistical database, Data integration, RDF Data Cube

## Event
5th International Workshop on Semantic Statistics co-located with 16th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2017)

## Location
Vienna, Austria

## Date
Sunday, October 22, 2017

## Important dates
* Submission deadline: July 21, 2017, 23:59PM Hawaii time
* Notifications to authors: August 24, 2017, 23:59PM Hawaii time

## Workshop Summary
The goal of this workshop is to explore and strengthen the relationship between the Semantic Web and statistical communities, to provide better access to the data held by statistical offices. It will focus on ways in which statisticians can use Semantic Web technologies and standards in order to formalize, publish, document and link their data and metadata, and also on how statistical methods can be applied on linked data. It is the fifth workshop in a series that started at the International Semantic Web Conference in 2013 (SemStats 2013) and run since every year at ISWC.

## Topics
The workshop will address topics related to statistics and linked data. This includes but is not limited to:

### How to publish linked statistics?
* What are the relevant vocabularies for the publication of statistical data?
* What are the relevant vocabularies for the publication of statistical metadata (code lists and classifications, descriptive metadata, provenance and quality information, etc.)?
* What are the existing tools? Can the usual statistical software packages (e.g. R, SAS, Stata) do the job?
* How do we include linked data production and publication in the data lifecycle?
* How do we establish, document and share best practices?

### How to use linked data for statistics?
* Where and how can we find statistics data: data catalogues, dataset descriptions, data discovery?
* How do we assess data quality (collection methodology, traceability, etc.)?
* How can we perform data reconciliation, ontology matching and instance matching with statistical data?
* How can we apply statistical processes on linked data: data analysis, descriptive statistics, estimation, correction?
* How to intuitively represent statistical linked data: visual analytics, results of data mining?

### How to use statistical methods on IoT data streams? 
* How can statistical processes be applied to Sensor streaming data at runtime and how can the results of these processes be stored and accessed? 
* How can statistical and machine learning algorithms be used on time series data produced by IoT devices 

## Submissions
The intended outcome of the workshop is to explore and strengthen the relations between the semantic web and statistical communities. Accordingly, one visible result will be a persistent website that summarizes what the workshop contributed to the understanding of these questions, thereby supplementing and integrating the traditional collection of papers that constitute the proceedings (which will be published in CEUR-WS.org <http://ceur-ws.org/>, a recognized ISSN publication series, to ensure wide accessibility). As in the previous year, http://semstats.org/ <http://semstats.org/> will be used for this purpose. 

The workshop will welcome the following types of submissions:
* Full and short papers (up to 12 and 6 pages)
* Challenge papers (up to 12 pages)
* Demo papers (up to 6 pages)

## Awards
This year, SemStats will award prizes, thanks to the generous sponsoring from Oracle and CASD:
* The best full or short article will win 1000 EUR
* The best challenge article will win 500 EUR
* The best application or demo article will win 500 USD

##Organizing Committee
Sarven Capadisli, University of Bonn, Germany
Franck Cotton, INSEE, France
Armin Haller, ANU, Australia
Evangelos Kalampokis, University of Macedonia, Greece
Raphaël Troncy, EURECOM, France

## Program Committee
Stefano Abruzzini, EC - DG Connect
Ghislain Auguste Atemezing, Mondeca
Chris Beer, Australian Bureau of Statistics
Oscar Corcho, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
Cinzia Daraio, University of Rome "La Sapienza"
Jay Devlin, Fidelity
Miguel Expósito Martín, Instituto Cántabro de Estadística
Dan Gillman, US Bureau of Labor Statistics
Christophe Guéret, Accenture
Peter Haase, metaphacts
Paul Hermans, ProXML
Areti Karamanou, University of Macedonia
Laurent Lefort, W3C Australia
Nikolaos Loutas, PWC
Andrei Melis, Eau de Web
Albert Merono-Penuela, VU University Amsterdam
Jindrich Mynarz, University of Economics, Prague
Marco Pellegrino, Eurostat
Dave Reynolds, Epimorphics Ltd
Bill Roberts, Swirrl IT Limited
Hideaki Takeda, National Institute of Informatics
Wendy Thomas, Minnesota Population Center
Joachim Wackerow, GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences

Please visit http://semstats.org/2017/call-for-contributions <http://semstats.org/2017/call-for-contributions> for more information. If you are interested in submitting a contribution but would like more preliminary information, please contact semstats2017@easychair.org <mailto:semstats2017@easychair.org>.

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