RE: Best practices for versioning and documenting ontologies for Sem Web

Hi Jo, all, 

I am working on ontology metadata.

Recently, we have looked into 21 existing vocabularies, 5 ontology portals and come up with a list of 316 properties that someone “can use” to describe its ontology. Over those ones, we have chosen 124 “default ones” and implemented them in the metadata model of our AgroPortal platform. Which basically means that today, anyone using some of the 316 properties will see them back automatically extracted in AgroPortal. 
The list of properties is available here:
Everything is domain independent, i.e., not specific to biomedical or agronomical ontologies

You should have a look.

We are in the process of writing an Application Profile and a specific metadata ontology for this. If interested please feel free to contact me.


Dr. Clement JONQUET  -  PhD in Informatics  -  Assistant Professor
University of Montpellier
Coordinator of the SIFR and AgroPortal projects
Visiting scholar, Stanford University (EU Marie Curie fellow)

On 29/01/2017 23:19, Munson J.E. wrote:
> Dear team
> My name is Jo Munson and I am currently a PhD candidate at the University of Southampton.
> We are currently working with an external organisation looking to put 
> a 'real life' ontology together and am writing to ask whether there are any tools / best practices for versioning and documenting from your perspective (for commercial/public use, not just in a research context).
> Many thanks for your time
> Jo
> Web Science PhD Candidate
> University of Southampton


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