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Public Review of XKOS -- extended

From: Jared Lyle <lyle@umich.edu>
Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2017 11:36:46 -0500
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Cc: Wendy Thomas <wlt@umn.edu>
A technical error was discovered in the access to XKOS for review. Some
links were to an earlier version. All links have been updated and the
Public Review period has been extended through February 15, 2017. We thank
those who have already submitted comments.

Please see the following page for the appropriate links to XKOS and the
issue tracker.

Jared Lyle
Director, DDI Alliance
ICPSR, University of Michigan

On Tue, Jan 3, 2017 at 4:04 PM, Jared Lyle <lyle@umich.edu> wrote:

> The DDI Alliance is pleased to announce the Public Review of XKOS, an RDF
> Vocabulary which extends the Simple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS)
> for the needs of statistical classifications. It does so in two main
> directions. First, it defines a number of terms that enable the
> representation of statistical classifications with their structure and
> textual properties, as well as the relations between classifications.
> Second, it refines SKOS semantic properties to allow the use of more
> specific relations between concepts. Those specific relations can be used
> for the representation of classifications or for any other case where SKOS
> is employed. XKOS adds the extensions that are desirable to meet the
> requirements of the statistical community.
> Links to the specification and instructions for comment are found at
> http://www.ddialliance.org/Specification/RDF/XKOS.  We are eager to
> obtain feedback from the DDI and RDF communities on this vocabulary. The
> comment period is open until January 31, 2017, and we hope to hear from you.
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